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2 years ago
Durham Miners' Gala

RIP brother miners, brother bandsmen and men of Easington

Touching words below from JPW Mallalieu who witnessed the band playing Gresford at the Gala just weeks after the disaster of 1951

“Suddenly there was silence. The colours danced, but everything else was still. For the banner we now saw was draped in black…”

Easington Lodge at the Durham Miners' Gala, just weeks after the ... See more

2 years ago

The band are really pleased with 7th place out of 20 bands in the Senior Trophy today at the Winter Gardens in Blackpool

Well done everyone. Improving all the time

2 years ago

Good morning Blackpool
We are here to perform at the Spring Festival competing in the Senior Trophy playing Gilbert Vinter's Triumphant Rhapsody
It is also the first major contest with Easington for ... See more

2 years ago

Good luck today! Hope to catch you in the bar afterwards! Up the hares! 🎼🍺🐇

2 years ago

Massive good luck for tomorrow!! I know you can smash it! It’s the music that matters.........

I’ll be there for a beer... be great if you are free come and watch me wave my arms around. You ... See more

2 years ago
How you can help Easington Colliery Band save their historic headquarters

An historic brass band who keep the region’s rich industrial heritage alive through music are appealing for the public’s help to continue.

2 years ago
Click here to support Old Pay Office Refurbishment for the Community organized by Jonathan Collins

This year we are 104 years old and since the pit closed in 1993 we have been financially self supporting and have managed to continue surviving where unfortunately dozens of other colliery bands have ... See more

We are raising money to help fund refurbishment of our band headquarters building to make it a safe, welcoming environment for all. The building, which used to be the colliery pay office, is over 100 ... See more

2 years ago

Following on from our recent 4th place in the Championship Section at the North of England Championships, the band is looking to recruit a first class Eflat or Bflat tuba player and a ... See more

2 years ago
Results: 2019 North of England Regional Championships

We are absolutely thrilled with our 4th place at the North of England Championships.
Congratulations to East Yorkshire Motor Services Brass Band and The Reg Vardy Band for their qualification to the ... See more

East Yorkshire Motor Services, J36 Brass, North Skelton, Bearpark & Esh and Tewit Silver claim the honours in Durham

2 years ago

The band will be hosting an open rehearsal at Sunderland Millfield Salvation Army this Thursday 14th, 7.30 - 9.30.
All welcome.